Integrating Feeds

Integrating Feeds

(Into applications and Web sites via API)


Licensing Use of Live Audio Feeds

Use of the live audio feeds on in commercial applications that are sold at a cost, such as mobile device applications, require a license from Licenses issued include access to the Live Audio Feed Catalog API as outlined below.

For more information on licensing the live audio components of, please contact Lindsay Blanton via Email: lindsay (AT) with the details of your application and contact information.

Live Audio Feed Catalog API

RadioReference provides a live audio feed catalog to licensed users. The API provides a real time interface into audio feed broadcast details, including feed statuses, mount points, broadcast servers, locations covered, and other details.

More information can be found on the Live Audio API section at:

Audio Feed Catalog API

Live Audio API Mailing List

Developers are encourage to join the Live Audio API Developer's Mailing list. Announcements and support is provided there.

Integrating Feeds in your Web Site

Embedding Your Audio Feed on Your Web Page

Feed broadcasters are allowed to embed their feeds in their own web pages, for free, provided they use ONLY the following process for doing so:

First, you need to apply for a domain key:

Your Account - API Configuration

Make sure the domain that you specify to be licensed is the domain you plan on embedding the feed. Once approved for a domain key, follow the instructions in the "Embed Feed in a Web page" section on your feed owner page (technicals tab) to add the player.

Displaying Your Feed Statistics on Your Site

You can display your feed's status and # of listeners by inserting the following script on your site:

<script language="JavaScript" src=""> </script>

where #### is the ID for your feed.

This script will return the number of listeners you feed is serving if online. If offline, the script will return the string "Offline."

You can find the feedID value for your feed on your feed owner's page:


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