How can an agency be added or removed form an existing feed?

Sorry, but we cannot just add or remove agencies to a feed on request. is just the delivery platform thousands of feeds provided by an entirely volunteer group with physical radios or scanners.

The only way a feed can be modified (covering a new area or containing additional agencies) is by the feed owner.

We have little control over the exact content of each feed availability or stability of the feeds, as we just provide the hosting platform. 


You can contact the feed owner to see if they are willing to modify their feed but we don't provide any ability for you to email a broadcaster directly.

Here is how we provide the contact method:
Make sure you are logged into the forums at

Then after clicking that link you should be able to send a message to the broadcaster as follows:
You can click the "contact broadcaster" icon on a feed's details page to use our forums system to contact a broadcaster - however you must be an approved user forums participate (had at least 3 posts approved) before you can use the private messaging functions. Note that some broadcasters might not want to be contacted.

We'd recommend that you just use the "Report a problem" link if you are trying to report a problem or make a request with a particular feed.


If you would like to provide a feed that covers what you want, please see here:

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