Do I have to pay to listen to feeds?

No. We will always make the audio streams available for free. However, at some point, we will require premium subscription access for listeners that want to listen for longer than 2 hours at a time. That means you'll just have to refresh your browser and restart the stream if you aren't premium subscriber. But that is a long ways away for now.

How is Broadcastify actually pronounced?

Pronounced: "Broadcast-a-fy"

How will the live audio forums work related to feeds (admin, listener, streaming etc)?

As for the forums - we don't have plans to roll out discussion forums on Broadcastify, but we'll continue to have the forums on RadioReference for topics all related to Live Audio Broadcasting. Support for listeners and broadcasters will be done on a one on one basis and through a knowledge-base.

Will the broadcasting software remain the same?

Yes. No action will need to be taken by feed providers - the transition will happen automatically.

"Unlimited continuous listening times". Does that just mean that the feeds will not time out after a certain time or is there a limit to how long they can listen?

Those who are in their Web browsers using the Web pop-up flash player and not Broadcastify premium subscribers will be limited to 2 hours of continuous listening time before they will be required to reload the page. All other clients (mobile, etc) will remain unlimited. Broadcastify Premium subscribers will have unlimited continuous listening via all mediums. 

Additionally, listening to feeds on Broadcastify will always remain free to everyone.

Will current feed providers have to manually transition over?

No action will need to be taken by feed providers - the transition will happen automatically.

Will feed providers receive a free premium subscription on Broadcastify.com?

Yes. Feed providers will always receive a free premium subscription on Broadcastify.com, however free premium subscriptions on RadioReference.com are being discontinued for feed providers.

Will feed providers receive a free premium subscription on RadioReference?

No. RadioReference and Broadcastify will function as two entirely separate entities after the transition, therefore we are discontinuing free premium subscriptions on RadioReference.com for live audio feed provider.

However, we will grant all active feed providers a free 90 day premium subscription on RadioReference.com when the transition occurs on Oct 15th. 

Will all current RR accounts (including non-premium and non-feed providers) automatically transfer over to Broadcastify, no re-registration required?

We will only transition accounts that have active premium subscriptions on 10/15, and accounts belonging to feed providers. Those users will be able to immediately login to the site. Everyone else will need to reregister. 

We're taking this approach because we don't want to transition 620,000 user accounts to a new service where the users potentially doesn't want to have an account created for them on that service. However, we need to honor premium subscriptions and get feed provider's accounts moved over, thus our approach outlined above.

Will all live feed links (including the audio servers) automatically redirect to Broadcastify for a certain period of time, until the software and app developers can get up to speed and change everything over from RR to Broadcastify, and feed providers can change any links they have on websites? How long do you anticipate the redirects will remaining valid for?

All live audio links, players, APIs, etc currently in place will either continue to function normally, or automatically redirect to Broadcastify. I would anticipate that to remain in place through the end of the year.

Will there be any change as far as the integration of the Live Audio on RR? Specifically, the Live Audio tab on the main navbar (along with sublinks to Top Feeds, Official Feeds, Alerts, etc), and especially the Live Audio tabs on the state/county pages. Will we still have the "one stop shopping" we have now when visiting a county page, where we can see the frequencies and see what live streams are available for each county?

All live audio integration on RadioReference.com will be removed and transitioned to Broadcastify.com. That includes the menus, nav bar, live audio pages etc.

However, we will include a link on RadioReference to each county and state page on Broadcastify to allow RadioReference users to navigate directly to audio feeds from the respective county and state pages in the RadioReference database.

Will there be any promotion of RR on Broadcastify, such as if you're looking at a list of audio feeds for ABC County, will there be a link back to that county's database page on RR for those who are interested in local listening?

There will be a lot of cross promotion between the two services, especially in the early phases of the launch.

What, if anything, is going to happen to the My Favorite Audio Feeds section of RR Home? Will RR premium members still be able to have their favorites feeds on their RR home page after the change?

 This page will go away. We will most likely migrate current favorite page settings to Broadcastify's new favorite feeds page that we plan on implementing on Broadcastify.

Will the Broadcastify live audio feeds still be acessable in the ScannerLive program from RR? ... 

Yes, all the feeds will be accessible from Scanner Live when the transition occurs. 

You will be able to listen to feeds via ScannerLive for as long as you like.

We will have a 2 hr time limit when using the Web pop-up flash player before refreshing the window and reconnecting, but the 2 hr time limit will not affect SacnnerLive and all other clients (mobile, etc) as these will remain unlimited.

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Will Broadcastify offer premium feed broadcaster and audio trimming to feed providers?

Sorry but no. We aren't going to have any premium feed broadcaster offering on Broadcastify. All providers will broadcast for free. Right now we're only going to make audio trimming available to official feeds vs being widely available. The reason is the processing power required to offer it to 3000+ feeds is enormous - even to the point that it out weighs the cost savings and benefits we would see by storing reduced size MP3 files.


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