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Broadcastify Audio API Version 1.3

The broadcastify audio feed catalog API is only available to approved licensees.  We are currently not issuing addtional licenses to mobile device developers at this time.   If you are interested in developing an application or service that uses Broadcastify's live audio feeds, we strongly encourage you to contact us directly at with details on your plans to use the feed catalog API to integrate with your application.

Application API key

An Application key is required for access to the API.  Please contact to request an API key.  

API Endpoint URL


Required API Parameters

  • key = your assigned application key
  • a = action (see below)
  • type = response type (json or xml)


API Methods


Returns all feeds present in the Broadcastify directory

Optional specifiers and filters:

  • stid=xxx returns all feeds in a specific state where xxx=RR stid
  • coid=xxx returns all feeds in a specific country where xxx=RR coid
  • top=xx - returns the top xx feeds ordered by number of listeners
  • new=xx - returns the xxx newest feeds ordered by date added
  • s=xxx - search results by text string
  • genre=x - filter by genre numerical ID x

1 = Public Safety
2 = Aircraft
3 = Rail
4 = Amateur Radio
5 = Marine
6 = Other
7 = Special Event
8 = Disaster Event

Example:  - returns all audio feeds in XML format

Example:  - returns all audio feeds in JSON format

Example: - returns all audio feeds in the state of Texas in JSON format

Example:  - returns the top 10 audio feeds in the country of Canada in XML format


Returns all countries that have audio feeds

Example:  - returns all countries feeds in XML format


Returns all states in a country, specified with parameter "coid", that have audio feeds

Example:  - returns all states in a country with audio feeds in JSON format

- WHERE: coid = country ID


Returns all counties (or equivalent entity) in a state, specified with parameter "stid", that have audio feeds.

Example:  - returns all counties in a state with audio feeds in XML format

- WHERE: stid = state ID


Returns all audio feeds present in a county

Example:  - returns all feeds in a county in XML format

- WHERE: ctid = county ID


Returns details on an individual feed

Example:  - returns feed details in json format

- WHERE: feedId = Individual Feed ID


Returns all dates that a feed has archives available / or links to all archives for a specific date.  

NOTE: The username and password parameters are required and are the user's username and password. The user must be a premium subscriber on to get access to the archive listings. You should direct customers to for details on subscribing/upgrading.

Example:  - returns date listing in xml format

- WHERE: feedId = Individual Feed ID

Example:  - returns all archives available for that day for that feed in json format. You get back the timeframe for the archive and the download link to the archive.

- WHERE: feedId = Individual Feed ID, date = Date in YYYY-MM-DD


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