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Windows Phone 7

Police Scanner 7

The author of Scanner Updates the app frequently

Police Scanner 7 supports all the feeds hosted by


  • Favorites
  • Top 10 Feeds
  • Save last feed on exit
  • Search for feeds by country, state and county
  • Bing Maps with feed.
  • Codes builtin Dictionary
  • NEW*** Nearby Feeds
  • NEW*** Multitasking enabled
  • NEW*** Auto Update for all current radio reference available feeds

Police Monitor

Police Monitor supports all the feeds hosted by


  • Top Feeds (Default 50)
  • Browse feeds by country, state (region), county
  • Plays feeds in the background

911 Scanner

Listen to live emergency radio communications from your phone.

911 Scanner supports all the feeds hosted by RadioReference and updated in real time, if it's available, you can play it.

Download app here


  • Ability to play feeds in the background
  • Find nearby feeds
  • Favorites List
  • Built in code dictionary
  • Resume last feed

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