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Embedding Audio Feeds in Your Own Web Pages

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Embedding Audio Feeds in Your Own Web Pages

Audio Broadcasters. I've worked with the audio administration team over the past few days and we've made the decision to change our policy and allow feed broadcasters to embed their feeds in their own Web pages, for free, provided they use ONLY this process for doing so. 

This is available immediately.

To get started, first you need to apply for a domain key. 

Your Account - API Configuration

Make sure the domain that you specify to be licensed in the domain you plan on embedding the feed on. Once approved for a domain key, you can follow the instructions in 
the "Embed Feed in a Web page" section on your feed owner page (technicals tab).

Note that if users want an unbranded way to imbed their feeds, they need to contact me to license the process for doing so. In addition, RadioReference reserves the right to update and include information and links back to RadioReference within the resulting embedded player and text. In return, users get the free ability to embed their feeds on their pages.

Folks, you spoke and we listened. Have fun!!!

Warm regards,
Lindsay C. Blanton III
CEO - / Broadcastify

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