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Audio Archive Retention and Use

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Broadcastify Support
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  • Broadcastify only stores audio archives up to 365 days.   There is no way for us to recover archives that are older than 365 days.


  • Archives are stored for up to 365 days and we make no guarantees that archives will be available for any specific incident or traffic.  We simply record what a volunteer feed provider sends to us, and archive availability is subject to the availability of the feed.


  • If a feed broadcastify has not been on the system for longer than 365 days, then we will not have archives for the feed until the date it was created on our system.


  • We do not delete archives from our system unless there was a technical error which resulted in audio being archived that was not the intended content of the feed.  We do not delete archives at the request of a public safety agency.


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