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Broadcastify Support
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Broadcastify Feeds can be played for free on any Amazon Alex supported devices

  • Enable the Alexa Radio Browser skill:

  • Get the Feed ID (a number) for the Broadcastify Feed you wish to add to listen on your Alexa Device


  • Follow the instructions at the following URL to create and edit your favorites list:

  • Click Add URL


  • Specify the number in your list, the name you want to call the station, and the following URL with the Feed ID at the end.  

For example, the San Antonio Fire Department Feed ID is 4905, therefore the Stream URL is:

Pay particular attention to the URL listed above


  • Click Add.  
  • Tell your Alexa Device:  "Alex, tell Radio Browser to Play #1" - or whatever order number you specified.  
  • The feed should start playing.


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